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Great company, very thorough...they get the job done right and they are very affordable! — H.G.
I have been in the Real Estate Business for over 16 years, I have found them to be reliable and the most knowledgeable. When Wayne Biggers (owner of Action Pest Control of Fort Mill) gives us the bad news that he has found a problem, I am very pleased that he has always had the right solution for the client. They do know what they are talking about and how to fix it. — C.B.
Excellent service. — S.J.
Best service in the area! — J.T.

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They are great. They are always on time, and they call a couple days in advance to make sure I will be there. — K.S.
I have used Action Pest Control of Fort Mill for over 20 years. They have done my termite protection, inspections and warranty. In addition, they perform my quarterly pest control. This is a quality company: good to it's customers and from conversations I have had, good to it's employees. It's nice to find someone who still cares about the customer and works to get their satisfaction. — D.S.
I would highly recommend them. — C.W.
I called 2 or 3 places for prices before I had them come over for the first time and their prices were the best. They were responsive and punctual. They were very professional.— J.R.
I have always used Action Pest Control of Fort Mill. They have always been very professional and friendly to work with and keep their appointments on-time. A pleasure to work with.— D.B.

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