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Termite Protection and
Termite Extermination

Eliminate termites and protect your home or business
from infestation. Contact Action Pest Control of Fort Mill.
We will provide you with a no obligation termite inspection
and service recommendation for your home or business.
We will not try to sell you something you don't need.

Do You Know How Termite Problems Start?

Do you store wood and cardboard in the crawl space?
This may create a problem because termites begin to eat on these items then move on to the wood in your home.

Do you have water leaks and/or high moisture under your home?
This could also cause you to have termite problems.

How Do You Prevent Termites?
The best termite prevention is to have a trained termite professional check your home every year and keep your termite warranty up to date.
Action Pest Control of Fort Mill,SC - Termite Protection  
Action Pest Control of Fort Mill, SC - Termite Protection
How Can You Get Started?
Just contact us or call our office at 803-547-4518 to get started. Action Pest Control of Fort Mill will come out to your home and do a termite inspection. We will then provide you with a written quote and let you know our recommendations for your termite control treatment.
Action Pest Control  Termite Treatment
We will schedule a date and time to do the termite work per your consultation and quote. A certified technician will do the work. We have a warranty for our termite treatment which can be renewed every year.
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